re-DISCOVER Lunch Vouchers

re-DISCOVER lunch vouchers can be used by Bajans and visitors.

Vouchers can be collected from the Barbados Tourism office in the airport arrivals hall or at Atlantis Submarines (Shallow Draft) or at Paddle Barbados (Aquatic Gap).

Or you may apply online to with your:
(1) name
(2) address (where you will be staying on Barbados)
(3) arrival date

Please allow at least one week prior to arrival and we will mail it to you.


Our office will be closed from 3rd until 19th March during which we will be unable to mail or hand deliver re-DISCOVER LUNCH vouchers. If you are planning to visit Barbados during these dates please let us know latest 2nd March your arrival date and where you are staying and we will ensure vouchers are delivered for your arrival.

The voucher also offers a 10% discount with Atlantis Submarines.

All persons renting a vehicle from Direct Car Rentals automatically receive a complimentary re-DISCOVER LUNCH Voucher!